PetFix makes spay & neuter surgeries affordable

Our High Quality, Affordable Services

Spay and neuter is our specialty and our professional veterinary staff is top notch. Since beginning operation in 2006, we’ve safely performed thousands of surgeries.

PetFix Northeast Ohio believes that all animals should receive the highest quality veterinary care possible, even if the services performed are at a reduced cost. We do not cut corners or quality. All spay/neuter surgeries are performed by our licensed veterinarians (DVMs) and all animals entrusted to PetFix are attended to before and after surgery by trained veterinary technicians.

Patients are dropped off at our clinic in the morning and our veterinarian gives them a medical examination. All surgeries are performed under anesthesia and patients are continuously monitored. After surgery, each patient will receive monitoring until he is moving and ready to walk, then he'll be put in his kennel to rest. Every patient receives pain medication. The spay/neuter surgery only takes between 5 to 20 minutes. Patients recover under our care and go home later that same day with detailed after care instructions.

Fix 'Em Friends Monthly Donation Club

How would you like to help PetFix on a monthly basis with a click of your mouse? Fix ‘Em Friends is our monthly donation club where you set up a recurring donation to support PetFix on a monthly basis for as long as you choose. Click HERE to learn more about becoming a Fix 'Em Friends member.


Stationary Clinic

Click here to schedule your appointment online. You may also call our stationary clinic at 216-732-7040 or reach us by email at

We are always looking for compassionate, dedicated and passionate individuals who believe in our mission that every dog and cat should have a place to call home. Help us end pet homelessness by volunteering at PetFix. Please contact us at or call 216–732–7040.

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